The following describes the steps required from inquiry to delivery.

Step1. Inquiry

You can contact us by phone or through the inquiry form.

Step2. Appointment

Your sales representative will contact you and make an appointment.

Please tell us the product requirements, delivery time, quantity, and budget.

Step3. Estimate

We will review your request internally and make an estimate.

Step4. Contract/Order

Upon acceptance of the estimate, you will be asked to sign a contract and place an order.

We ask that you order by fax or email.

Step5. Manufacture

We will manufacture your product according to the contract.

Step6. Final Inspection

We will conduct a final inspection of product quality based on your quality standards.

Step7. Packing and Delivery

We will deliver your product using the specified packaging and shipping method.

Please note that the delivery process may change depending on the details of the contract.