Mass production and trial production of minute parts

Nishida Precision primarily manufactures precision parts using CNC lathes, and specializes in the ultra-fine machining of parts 1 mm or smaller in size.

We can handle all of your small-lot machining and prototype production needs.

We are able to meet the needs of our customers by employing the technology and extensive machining equipment we have cultivated since our founding.


Nishida Precision’s strengths

Ability to flexibly handle mass production and trial production
●Nishida Precision can handle a wide range of production needs from the mass production of several hundred thousand units per month, to the trial production of several units.
●Our flexible prototype lines are always available for immediate production.
Meticulous finishing

● High-quality finishing is achieved through efficient combination of machine and human hands.


 In-house production of special tools
●Nishida Precision quickly responds to customer demands for machining of even complex shapes using its unique in-house tools.
●We are able to meet requirements not possible with commercially available tools.
Close technical cooperation with external partners
●Our external partners are able to provide surface machining services such as plating and thermosetting.
●Rapid response is possible through technical cooperation with companies in Aizu area.

Precision part manufacturing

Nishida Precision uses CNC lathes and other equipment to manufacture precision parts for use in medical diagnostic equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

All of our products are made to order, allowing us to meet a variety of needs.

Nishida Precision has approximately 140 processing machines, giving us the machining capacity to mass produce several hundred thousand units per month.

Parts for medical diagnostic equipment
Nishida Precision has been manufacturing parts for medical diagnostic equipment since its founding in 1977, and even today, many of our products are still in use in medical diagnostic equipment.
Because some parts come into direct contact with the human body, our manufacturing meets the strictest standards for quality control.


Parts for semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Semiconductors are also used in a wide range of consumer products from automobiles to smartphones, making them indispensable in modern life. Nishida Precision manufactures parts used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Even the slightest misalignment can be fatal, meaning that the equipment used to manufacture semiconductors demands the highest precision.


Prototype production

Nishida Precision delivers high-precision, small prototype parts in around a week.

➣Minute parts
➣Complex shapes
➣Burr-less parts
➣Parts using special cutting tools

Please do not hesitate to consult us to discuss your prototype production needs.