Quality policy

Nishida Precision has declared a Quality Policy, and the entire company continues to work together to fulfill this policy.

We place quality as our number one priority as we provide satisfying and valuable products and services that our customers will appreciate.

  1. We will continuously improve our high quality, short delivery times, and low prices through the pursuit of technological capabilities.
  2. We conduct our activities in compliance with the requirements of our customers and the relevant laws and regulations.
  3. We contribute to society by setting quality targets, reviewing them regularly, and striving for continuous improvement.
  4. We verify the effectiveness of our quality management system through audits and management reviews and make improvements to maintain its effectiveness.

Quality management system

Nishida Precision received ISO 9001 certification in 2022.

We demonstrate that we can consistently provide products and services that meet customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements. Furthermore, we operate a system that aims to improve customer satisfaction through the effective application of our quality management system that includes a process of improvement, and through conformance with customer requirements and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Certificate Number 14871
compatible standards

ISO 9001:2015


Precision griding and manufacturing of metal and resin parts

Applicable Places of Business

Main Site:(2696 Uenodaiotsu, Aza, Tosejima, Nishiaizu-Machi, Yama-Gun, Fukushima Pref., Japan)
Additional Site:Aizuwakamatsu Factory, 2-5 Kawahigashi-Machi, KogyoDanchi, Aizuwakamatsu-Shi, Fukushima Pref., Japan

Initial Certification Date 26 July 2022


Quality assurance system

Prototyping and developing new products

After receiving an inquiry about a new product, we will ask about your requests during our appointment. After in-house review, we will conduct prototyping and evaluations. Samples will be provided to customers, followed by a contract and mass production.

From order receipt to delivery during regular production

After receiving an order, we will proceed with materials procurement and manufacturing based on our sales and production plans. We will deliver the products to you after a shipping inspection.

Responding to customer complaints

If we receive a complaint or return from a customer, our sales and quality assurance departments will promptly take action, such as by sending a product replacement. Furthermore, we will take steps to prevent a recurrence and report back to the customer.

Quality control

Upstream management

Precautionary measures are taken by regularly monitoring and analyzing the quality of production through the QC control chart in the upstream process of manufacturing to deal with the foreseeable occurrence of defects.

Process control

To ensure reliable and efficient quality inspection of manufactured products, we conduct process control through a combination of lot assurance inspection and total inspection.

  • Lot assurance inspection: AQL determination through sample inspection
  •  Complete inspection: Gauge inspection and sensory evaluation inspection (mainly microscopic workup)